One of our primary goals is to ensure that our infrastructure is capable of supporting technology solutions that make communities around the country safer and better places to live. In order to do this, we offer our jurisdictional landlords free space on our sites for first responders that help to improve the safety of our communities. Our new regional portfolio of towers, properties, and partners makes us one of the most dynamic and accessible providers of communications infrastructure in the Southeast. With this unique and modern portfolio, we can help communities meet their high-bandwidth needs and be prepared for the exciting new advancements of 5G and beyond. Since all of our infrastructure is new, we’re able to accommodate multiple carriers and serve more people and businesses with less modification and cost.

Monopole Towers

Southern Towers Monopoles are some of the strongest on average in the industry from the start. We design our sites to hold the maximum number of carriers with a minimum of 30,000 square inches of wind-load and 3,000 lbs. of weight per mounting height. This allows for long-term installation flexibility and site value. Compounds are designed for ease of access and room for expansion as technology changes.

Stealth Towers

Southern Towers has a number of new stealth sites in our inventory. Built as and where required, our design is a multi-tenant facility with the same general specifications as our monopoles. Compounds likewise are designed to hold the equipment of tomorrow, today.

Self-Support Towers

Southern Towers Self Support Structures are second-to-none in overall capacity. Ranging from 250 feet to 300 feet, these sites have spacious compounds and room for future equipment needs.

Guyed Towers

For rural areas where broad coverage is indicated, southern towers constructs 330’ guyed towers. Similar to other platforms in our portfolio, we build these sturdy, long lasting structures to provide the client and community with excellent coverage and capacity.

Rooftop Towers

Offering the highest revenue sharing in the industry, Southern Towers’ portfolio of managed rooftops is a growing sector of our business. Providing a stealthy alternative to tower sites, this is a viable alternative in communities where real estate is scarce or zoning restrictive.