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Founded by members with decades of experience working for major US and international wireless carriers, Southern Towers provides a full service, turn-key operation that incorporates leasing, zoning, compliance, development funding, construction and site maintenance – all executed in a thoughtful and speedy manner. At Southern Towers, we have the ability to make quick decisions, no lengthy board meetings or the need to raise additional capital in our decision making process.
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Interested in learning more about Southern Towers? Contact us and see how our experienced team, capabilities and resources make Southern Towers an excellent partner for wireless service providers who need quick and nimble solutions to difficult coverage or expansion issues.
Southern Towers, LLC
250 Signal Mountain Road, Suite B
Chattanooga, TN 37405
"Southern Towers was founded for one purpose: to be our customers' first-choice provider of wireless infrastructure solutions."
- Southern Towers Mission Statement

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Founded in 2015, Southern Towers is a new developer of wireless towers in partnership with mobile telecommunications providers, enabling them to expand network coverage without spending millions of dollars annually to develop tower sites. Southern Tower's sole focus is to solve network coverage priorities for the wireless industry efficiently and reliably by working closely with local communities to provide solutions that are aesthetically and functionally optimized for their environments.
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