Philosophy and Operations:

As the name implies, Southern Towers is focused on the southern United States, primarily those states from West Virginia sweeping across the south to Texas. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Southern Towers is centrally located to a number of important markets and underserved rural areas. We work closely with community members, jurisdictions, and our clients to implement solutions that meet their unique connectivity needs—from large macro-cell installations for broad wireless coverage to small cell installations targeting a specific street.

Because we live where we work, we know that every community in our region is unique. That’s why we work within the communities to find solutions that meet the needs of the community and the client. Our team is skilled in finding innovative ways to emplace infrastructure that preserves the charm and character of your community while improving service. When it comes to working with jurisdictions, our installations require no public investment and the benefit of free space on the facility for emergency response equipment offers up community safety coverage that may not have been previously available.

The Four Pillars of Our Philosophy:

  1. Southern Towers strives to work in partnership with influencers and decision makers with the national and regional carriers within each state or market. These relationships have been built over many years by members of the Southern Towers team. Our staff have worked as employees of many of the national and regional carriers over the years. We understand pain points and schedules with deployments. We understand budget constraints and timelines.
  2. We have a large land-under-contract portfolio with many having completed the regulatory compliance process, and others with initial survey and title works prepared. We don’t charge colocation application fees. Nor do we charge carrier installation modification fees so long as the modification doesn’t exceed the site lease agreement terms.
  3. Aside from traditional BTS opportunities, we work to discover, develop and exploit intelligence gathered within markets served to create site development opportunities based on expansion, replacement or enhancement of existing sites. These could be one-off replacements for high rent sites or known high-traffic areas that are attractive to carriers as current or future capacity sites.
  4. Above all, we build high quality sites with sufficient capacity for the equipment needs of tomorrow, and provide the most up-to-date communication on the location and status of our portfolio to the client consistently in a format useful to them. Accurate and timely communications is as important as the provision of quality sites. We have promised our clients to do what we say, when we say we’re going to. We do our best to keep our decision cycle short and have mitigation strategies in place when obstacles arise.

Make no mistake however, in an industry crowded with firms competing for the business of a very small client base, opportunity can be squandered if we cannot deliver. Relationships carry one only so far; performance is the ultimate test. Our sites are built with the future in mind. They play an important role in smarter, better-connected communities, while paving the way for tomorrow’s innovations in the way we live, work, and stay safe.

Lastly, as noted in Pillar 4, Southern Towers is committed to building high quality, high capacity sites. We communicate this commitment to our clients and provide them with updated site status lists on a monthly basis. Wherever possible, Southern Towers builds its sites to a minimum 5 carrier capacity with at least 30K wind-loading and 2500 lbs. weight limit per mounting point. We plan today for tomorrow.

We’re hands-on and are happy to attend deployment calls and meetings when requested. This is the level of effort we will need to continue to provide to maintain our client’s success.


Southern Towers Portfolio consists of new facilities across a range of heights and types. Unlike our competitors, we aren’t averse to building and operating stealth structures where necessary. Ours is a business of long-term partnerships. We work diligently in the beginning of each site project to get every stakeholder to "yes". Our approach of working with the jurisdictions as a community partner and providing community engagement from the beginning of our search, through to the treatment of each completed site in our portfolio as if it were the flagship property, ensures that wherever possible we can build what our client needs. This is what we mean by "build to please".